The objectives of the IRP Foundation are to encourage research throughout the world. The IRP Foundation’s action is not limited to Switzerland. It supports research projects emanating from researchers, from clinical research centres and laboratories all over the world, in the field of neurosciences and the regeneration of the spinal cord, which are focused on how the effects of paraplegia may be overcome and ultimately how to cure this condition.

An approach that bears fruit
Now, more than ever, there is real reason for hope. Thanks to the determination with which research has been undertaken, tangible results already exist: growth factors influencing the reconstitution of damaged nerve tissue, and the proteins that hinder its growth have been identified; antibodies that neutralize the effects of these proteins have been isolated and have successfully been used for therapeutic purposes. Most encouraging results have been obtained in laboratories with rodents that have regained their locomotive faculties lost through injuries and resulting in paraplegia. Current and planned research programmes are leading to discoveries that allow reasonable hope that paraplegia will one day be curable.