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24 July 2013 - Partnership

The IRP and IFP conclude a partnership agreement with the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. The convention signed end April 2012 by the three partners sets forth the terms of reference agreed in the autumn of 2011 for mutual cooperation between the IRP/IFP foundations and the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation (SPF). From 2012 to 2015, the SPF will contribute one third to the funding of the selected research projects, to a maximum of CHF 500’000,-.

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1er June 2013 - Research

Two prize-winners: Professors Joost Verhaagen and Tommaso Pizzorusso

The IRP/IFP Schellenberg Prize 2013 has been officially awarded on Wednesday, 16 October at the CMU, University of Geneva, in the presence of the two prize-winners Joost Verhaagen and Tommaso Pizzorusso, and also of Professor James Fawcett, the winner of the first IRP/IFP Schellenberg Prize in 2003. Attendance is free of charge. 

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25 March 2013 - Event

Christophe Maé sets the ocean alight…

The 15e Bal du Printemps organised on Thursday, 21 March at the Halle Sécheron in Geneva took 450 guests for a dive « Under the Ocean », in a magical setting for the Gala Evening.
Nobody will forget the concert given by Christophe Maé, nor what Professor Grégoire Courtine, who presented the film « Rewalk », had to say about the results of his research: he has been able to restore mobility to paraplegic rats and is getting ready to test the treatment on humans. The Auction directed by Simon Kidston brought in CHF 122'000.- for research.

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4 February 2013 - Research

Research offers us hope

Different routes, but all heading the same way: towards regeneration - the common denominator of all research funded by IRP and IFP for 20 years. In 2013, almost CHF 2,2 mio were allocated for funding the nine new research projects selected by our Scientific Committee, the IRP/IFP Schellenberg Prize won by the Dutchman Joost Verhaagen from the Netherlands and Tommaso Pizzorusso from Italy and for the Chairs at the universities of Geneva and Lausanne. Thanks to all this work, we now know even more about the regenerative processes of the central nervous system.

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