Invitation to apply

Guidelines for application

  • Applicants must have a research doctorate (Ph.D.) or a doctoral degree in medicine (MD).
  • Applicants must have at least one lead author article published or accepted for publication.
  • The project proposed by the applicant should be endorsed by a senior investigator of the host University or Hospital. In addition it should clearly state the innovative aspects in terms of original questions and techniques to be learned.
  • IRP provides support for maximum three years. A renewal is not possible. The grantee must work full-time in research in the host institution.
  • After each year of support, fellows must, within 3 months, submit a detailed scientific report of their research endorsed by the research supervisor.

At the end of the training, IRP post-doctoral fellows who want to set up a laboratory of research in Switzerland might be invited to apply to the IRP Foundation for a contribution towards the purchase of laboratory equipment.  

 To apply, click on the link below, complete all the fields regarding personal data, then send the above form duly completed, your CV and a list of your published work over the last 5 years (no abstracts). Kindly send your documents in Word or pdf format.

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 Apply here.

Next deadline for applications: 31 October 2019.