IRP Schellenberg Research Prize

The competition for the IRP Schellenberg Research Prize takes place every two years, and is awarded to researchers who, by the significance of their scientific contributions and their publications in scientific journals of renown, have furthered understanding of the development, lesion and regeneration processes relating to the spinal cord.

Set up in 2003, the IRP Schellenberg Research Prize perpetuates the memory of Ulrich Schellenberg, the founder of the IFP Foundation in Zürich and co-founder of the IRP Foundation in Geneva, who died in 2001.

The Prize, up to 100'000 Swiss Francs, is aimed at rewarding a scientist's outstanding work in the field of paraplegia. Priority is given to young but already established and successful scientists working experimentally in the above-mentioned fields. The funds awarded, by enabling the recruitment of new co-workers or personnel, and the purchase of equipment or supplies, should help investigate avenues that may, in due course, lead to progress in spinal cord regeneration and functional recovery.

The IRP Scientific Committee evaluates applications by February of the following year. The winner of the IRP Schellenberg Research Prize is named by the IRP foundation's board in March and funds are made available by the second semester of the same year.

The next IRP Schellenberg Research Prize wil be awarded in 2020.

Download the IRP Schellenberg Research Prize booklet edited in 2016, which pays tribute to the 15 women and men researchers who have been recipients of the IRP Schellenberg Research Prize since it was founded in 2003.

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