IRP Research Grant

Research projects submitted for an IRP Research Grant, for funding by IRP, undergo a rigorous selection process focused on criteria of excellence. Clinicians and scientists working in paraplegia and related fields who are seeking financial support for their work must submit an application using the form below before 31 October and must meet the conditions defined by IRP.


  • IRP finances research projects regardless of the nationality of the researcher;
  • Applications for IRP Research Grants 2019/2020 will be considered only for projects that are realized in Europe; 
  • Projects submitted for consideration must be focused on basic or clinical research into paraplegia or related fields;
  • Each proposal retained will be financed for 1 or 2 years, to the value CHF 75'000.- or CHF 150'000.- respectively; the grant doesn`t cover additional overhead costs.
  • The deadline for submission of proposals is 31 October each year;
  • Proposals are evaluated by the IRP Scientific Committee by end February of the following year. The funding of the best projects recommended by the Committee is decided upon in March by the IRP foundations’ board and funds are made available to successful applications by the second semester of the same year.



OCTOBER 31, 2019

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