IRP – International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia allocates funds to support basic and clinical research in paraplegia in Switzerland and around the world for projects based in Europe, on the recommendation of the IRP Scientific Committee, an independent body composed of international experts in the field of neuroscience. 

What does IRP fund?

  • IRP Research Grants : funding of up to 150,000.- Swiss francs for fundamental and clinical research projects over 2 years
  • IRP Postdoctoral Fellowship : funding up to 80,000.- Swiss francs per year, up to 2 years, to a young Swiss researcher wanting to study overseas or to a young overseas researcher wanting to pursue his/her academic career in Switzerland
  • IRP Schellenberg Research Prize : 100,000.- Swiss francs awarded every 2 years to one or more researchers whose work stands out for its quality, new approach and the benefit of the results

Applications: a simple but rigorous selection process

  • Researchers from all around the world are invited by IRP to submit their application for an IRP Research Grant or an IRP Postdoctoral Fellowship normally by 31 October
  • After the applications have been validated (around 50 a year), members of the Scientific Committee allocate the documents received by specialty for initial examination
  • The Scientific Committee meets at the end of January in Zurich, Switzerland, and considers each application before awarding it a score
  • Based on the budget allocated by the IRP Foundation Board, the Scientific Committee selects between 7 and 10 new and outstanding fundamental and clinical research projects to receive funding by May the following year

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