Permanent Secretariat

IRP has a permanent Secretariat based in Geneva and an office in Zurich, responsible for the implementation of an action plan approved by the Board.

The aim of this professional structure is two-fold: seek additional funds to finance the research projects selected by the Scientific Committee, and the administrative management of the foundation, monitoring of the projects and the correct use of the financial resources allocated by IRP and its donors.

The Secretariat works in close collaboration with the Executive Committee for the current affairs, and with the organization Committee’s of the Bal du Printemps, Soirée de l’Espoir and IRP PARAbend for the organization of events.

The bureau in Zurich handles more particularly the administrative management of the research projects, as well as the Scientific Committee.

Weendy Jean-Baptiste

Geneva office

Béatrice Brunner

Zurich office

Danilo de Simone

Senior development officer

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